Mechanical Building Services Engineering

So often mechanical building services are provided to a space, without a real understanding of what is wanted by the Client and what is necessary to provide a cost effective and appropriate solution.

The firm offers well thought-out solutions to meet the Client’s financial and environmental needs.  This ranges from the simplest packaged system, to the most complex variable air volume and displacement air conditioning systems.  The firm also offers all of the usual mechanical building services as well as advanced specialist systems, all as described below:

·         Structurally integrated mechanical ventilation.                           PACTheatre

·         Central plant air conditioning.                                            

·         Decentralised air conditioning.

·         Displacement air conditioning.

·         Chilled beams and chilled ceilings.

·         Long throw jet solutions.

·         General supply and extract ventilation.

·         Car park ventilation.

·         Low energy solutions.

·         Energy and building management systems.

·         Fabric analysis.           

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