Aquatic Engineering  

Swimming pools are one of the most difficult building forms to design and build successfully.  Due to a general lack of complete understanding in the way a swimming pool operates and performs, there have been many failures in the past of performance in either the building fabric or the buildings services.


The problem occurs due to the complex nature of the warm atmosphere which is very humid and aggressive due to the release of many volatile gases from the pool water.  As such, success will depend on the careful integration of certain critical aspects, especially the water treatment and mechanical ventilation systems, in conjunction with the passive design of the building.


The firm offers a unique combination of services to deal with these problems including:



  • Alternative water treatment systems including Chlorine, Ultra Violet, Ozone and Ionisation.
  • Energy efficient plants with heat recovery and low energy systems.
  • Careful selection of construction methods and materials.
  • Pool structures and finishes.
  • Low reliance on good maintenance.
  • Condensation and corrosion control.
  • Structurally integrated mechanical ventilation systems.
  • Building physics including natural lighting and natural ventilation (passive engineering).
  • Water feature design.
  • Spa, wave pools and associated features.
  • Diving safety bubble, moveable floors and booms.
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